LinkedIn is the dark horse of social media. It was first known as a job search engine when it rolled out in 2003. It has grown into a formidable platform in the last 20 years. It has over a billion users around the world and the numbers are still growing.

What started as a resume site is now one of the best networking platforms. LinkedIn is where experts share premium content and network. Professionals can establish their brands here as well.

Many recruiting companies depend on LinkedIn when they need to find top talent. Most businesses don’t know how to use the platform to its full potential. Especially since there are simple strategies one can use. So here’s how to use LinkedIn for recruiting your next best employee.

Put a Spotlight on Your Company

First impressions also matter in your social media. It’s why your company page should be as good as possible. Make sure all the vital details are there for job seekers to see. There should be information on your website and specializations. You should also include a description of what you or your company does.

You want to put a spotlight on your company and any open jobs. One of the best ways to do this is by sharing blog posts and other relevant content. Take advantage of LinkedIn’s pinning feature to highlight a job posting.

Posting and sharing content is a great way for people to interact with your page. Responding to their comments will engage them further and boost your reach. This can help prospects remember you and your company. It can make them more amenable to working with you.

Join LinkedIn Groups Relevant to Your Brand

You need to spend more time on LinkedIn if it’s a key recruitment tool for you. But you have to be smart about this. You can make the most of your platform time by joining the right groups. Choose groups that are relevant to your industry. Your goal here is to network with professionals and build connections. You’ll also want to share industry-specific content that the right people will see. Most groups on the platform have specific sections for jobs. It’s where members share job postings or look for specific openings.

You’ll have to work for this privilege though. Many LinkedIn groups put limitations on inactive recruiters and companies. They cannot post their job-wanted ads. This is a feature reserved for active members who engage with other members.

Use the Appropriate Keywords

There’s nothing like LinkedIn’s native search feature. It helps to find the right person for the job in a fast and easy way. The problem is there are millions of people on the platform. You need to be more savvy to ensure that you get a good candidate pool in a short time.

You can narrow down and improve your search by using the appropriate keywords. Do some research. Check out how other companies phrase their job posts. What keywords are they using to catch an applicant’s attention?

It’s OK to use industry jargon but using a lot of it limits your chances. Experts say you can put the most searched term in the title of the job post. Then put something more specific in the job description. You can mention the proper job title and the needed skills here. This helps narrow down the candidates. It can also help you cross-reference the qualifications of a LinkedIn member.

Reach Out to Passive Candidates

The best Seattle recruiters also engage passive candidates. These individuals might not be looking for a job now, but it doesn’t mean you can’t entice them. They’re also a good way to expand your network. You don’t have to ask them to apply to your post. You can send them a message telling them you noticed them and why. Build a connection with them. Comment on their posts. You can engage them in other ways, like posting in the groups you both belong to.

One More Thing

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