4 Highest Paying Jobs without a Degree You Should Consider

A bachelor’s degree isn’t a guarantee that you will have a successful career. Many influential people were able to do this. They carved out a niche for themselves without going to college. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are great examples. What is important is that you get an education, and this doesn’t mean you [...]

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What is Recruiting and Why It’s Important

Many businesses are having a hard time finding good employees. The pandemic saw millions of workers quitting their jobs. Things are better now, so much so that “The Great Resignation” trend has tapered. Data also shows that there were 9.6 million job openings in September. The challenge now is putting people in those jobs. [...]


Best Companies To Work for in Seattle

Seattle stands as a powerhouse in the Pacific Northwest, not just for its scenic views but for its thriving business ecosystem. The city is home to a diverse range of companies, from tech innovators to renowned retailers. For job seekers and professionals eyeing Seattle for their next career move, here are the top companies [...]

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What are Employment Agencies and Why Do You Need Them?

The labor force is the backbone of any economy. The United States is not exempt from this. The pandemic wreaked havoc on the employment rate though. And it wasn’t only because many companies had to close. There was also an exodus as many people reevaluated their lives. Life is better now that the coronavirus [...]


What Traits Do All the Best Recruiting Companies Have?

It takes a company about 36 days to hire someone for an open position. Other employees will have to pick up the slack. This can mean overtime work or substandard output. One study also revealed that 46% of new workers don’t last long. They’re either terminated or they resign within the first two years [...]


How to Identify Excellent Accounting Recruitment Agencies

Small businesses are the lifeblood of many countries. These businesses generated 17.3 million new jobs in the US alone. There are over 33 million small businesses in the country. It’s unfortunate that 80% of them fail within the first two years. One of the main reasons for this is poor financial management. Most small [...]


Types of Staffing Companies That Help Find the Right People

Companies have to be very careful when it comes to hiring. A bad decision will have major repercussions. Research showed that one bad hire can cost businesses an average of $14,900. In some cases, it might even cost as much as $240,000. Hiring the right person goes beyond the financial aspect. The right employee [...]


Good Questions to Ask An Interviewer and Show Your Interest

Getting invited to a job interview is relieving and exciting. It means you’re one step closer to nabbing the job you want. It’s always in your best interest to prepare for it. But most people often focus on making sure they look good on their end. This means having several clean copies of their [...]

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Are You Willing To Relocate for a Job

The modern job market is increasingly competitive and dynamic, often requiring individuals to make difficult decisions regarding their careers. One such decision is whether to relocate for a job opportunity. Relocating for work can be a life-altering choice, impacting various aspects of an individual's personal and professional lives. Let’s now talk about the pros [...]

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Highest Paying Careers in the Manufacturing Industry

The coronavirus pandemic did a number on many industries. The airlines, automobile, and specialty retail industries are some of the most affected. The hotel and restaurant industry also suffered. But there’s one sector that COVID wasn’t able to affect, and that’s manufacturing. The dictionary defines manufacturing as the creation or production of goods. This [...]

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