What is a Human Resource Specialist: Top 6 Responsibilities

One of the most important elements of a company is the Human Resource Specialist. This professional is often regarded as the backbone of a company's workforce management. The role of a Human Resource Specialist is dynamic and essential. It’s also complex. That's why many people don't know what exactly the job entails. This post [...]

What is Administrative Work: Understanding this Key Role

A successful organization runs like a well-oiled machine. Administrative work is its backbone. This work provides a company with crucial support. It also ensures smooth operations. Administrative work is present in every department. Despite its pervasive presence, the concept of this work is often unclear to many people. This post will clarify what administration [...]


How Does a Recruiting Company Help Businesses Succeed?

Today’s business landscape is dynamic and competitive. It’s why businesses are working hard to maintain a competitive edge. But their success hinges on the quality of its workforce.   The challenge is finding the right candidate for the job. The process of finding the perfect talent is a daunting task. That's why businesses of all [...]


What is the Highest Paying Job Offered in Seattle?

Seattle is one of the most famous cities in the United States. The Emerald City is in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. Lake Washington flanks it in the east and Puget Sound in the west. Seattle is a great place to live in. Its moniker comes from the lush evergreens that fill the [...]


How Does Recruiting Work: Understanding these 5 Steps

Recruitment is the linchpin of any company’s success. It’s the conduit between top-tier talents and exciting job opportunities. That’s why people need to know how recruitment works. It doesn’t matter if you’re an executive with 10 good years. Or if you’re a new graduate out to conquer the world. It would help if you [...]


Why is Recruiting Important? Let’s Break Down the Reasons

Apple and Microsoft are two of the most famous and successful companies in the world. This also means people know the names, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. The two are often lauded for founding these two companies. They’re not the only ones who build Apple and Microsoft though. The credit should go to the [...]


What is the Star Method in Recruiting and Its Steps?

The interview is the most critical part of the hiring process. It can make or break a company. The wrong hire can cause a company to lose thousands of dollars. Imagine spending time, effort, and money hiring and training someone. Then that employee leaves because they can’t handle the work. Interviews are also crucial [...]


4 Tips on How to Use LinkedIn for Recruiting

LinkedIn is the dark horse of social media. It was first known as a job search engine when it rolled out in 2003. It has grown into a formidable platform in the last 20 years. It has over a billion users around the world and the numbers are still growing. What started as a [...]

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What is Executive Recruiting and Why Your Company Needs It

The current economic uncertainty has caused the labor market to cool down. There are still millions of job openings available. But companies are now more calculated in their hiring strategies. Data shows more businesses are focusing on hiring those with critical business skills. Many of these in-demand high-caliber candidates are executives. Statistics show that [...]


What is Full Cycle Recruiting and Why It’s Better

The hiring process isn’t always as straightforward as people imagine it to be. There’s more to it than looking at resumes and doing a 30-minute interview. Many companies have a reactive approach to hiring. They have an open position, post a job listing, and wait for applicants. Prospects who pass the initial stage will [...]

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