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We value our clients and strive to meet their hiring needs by listening closely and communicating clearly (and often!). Our consultative approach to recruitment strategy means that we truly get to know our clients and understand their exact hiring needs. 

With our extensive knowledge in the industries we serve, we are able to formulate custom recruiting strategies that give our clients an edge in hiring the best talent. Our track record of success in talent sourcing spans across various industries and fields, with various jobs.

Our talent acquisition process is designed to minimize candidate drop-off rate even in a highly competitive market. The fact that the majority of our clients are repeat clients reflects the satisfaction they have with our candidates and overall recruitment process strategy

The Stages of our Recruitment Process

We do the heavy lifting so you can get to know the candidates and choose the perfect match.​ The proven steps of our recruitment process are as follows:


The first step of our recruitment strategy plan is to meet with our clients and perform an in-depth analysis of your position specifications, including skill sets and the organization’s culture and benefits to properly market the company and make effective job placements.


As part of our recruitment process, we conduct extensive research to identify the most effective means of sourcing top candidates for our clients. From there, we craft a custom recruitment strategy that includes a thorough selection process to ensure we find the right fit for your organization.


Our recruiting strategy is supported by an extensive database of talented and vetted candidates. Talent sourcing is ongoing and happens long before we are contacted by a particular client. This allows us to quickly and effectively choose the right candidates for open jobs. 


As part of our recruiting process, we perform thorough interviews and use a variety of assessment tools to evaluate candidates’ skills, knowledge, and cultural fit for the position and the company. We include extensive notes with each report to our clients so they can make a well-informed hiring decision.


As recruitment specialists, we go beyond simply submitting candidates for consideration. We work closely with our clients to ensure they are fully prepared for the interview process, providing guidance on best practices and even conducting mock interviews to help them choose the best talent. 


We consult and aid in the negotiation of all elements during the offer process, including compensation, benefits, and start date. Our recruiters take a “hands-on” approach throughout all stages of the talent acquisition process, ensuring that the right candidate is hired for your job openings.

Follow Up

After the new employee begins working at the company, our hiring consultants follow up with our clients to ensure a smooth onboarding process and address any issues that may arise. This personalized approach is a key component of our recruitment strategy that helps us better serve our clients.

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Why Work With Us?

Targeted Recruiting Strategy

We take a targeted approach to your hiring needs, establishing a recruitment strategy, executing on that plan, and allowing you to focus on your company’s goals.

Passive Candidates

As a leading staffing agency, we are well-positioned to find the talent you need, with our access to passive candidates and a network of vetted talent that we have built over 25 years of talent sourcing.


As leaders in the industry, we listen and then guide our clients through all the steps of the recruitment process so they can land the exceptional employees they need to reach their business goals.

Industry Knowledge

Our focus drives our recruitment strategy and has allowed us to build connections and gain a deep understanding of the inner workings of our industries and markets, especially in the fields of accounting, HR, manufacturing, office/admin, and

Types of Positions

Our team of experienced recruitment specialists has a wealth of knowledge across various industries, allowing us to efficiently recruit for a wide range of roles, ranging from support to executive level.

Explore the specific roles we recruit:

Seattle Financial is a specialized staffing firm focused on providing top-notch accounting and finance talent to companies in the Pacific Northwest, Colorado, and California regions. With a strong emphasis on personalized service and attention to detail, we offer customized staffing solutions for permanent and contract placements across all levels of finance and accounting roles. Our team of experienced recruiters has a deep understanding of the unique needs of each industry we serve, allowing us to find the best talent to meet our clients’ specific needs. 

Our in-depth knowledge and understanding of the industry sets us apart from other recruitment agencies in the markets we serve. Our focus is on providing top-tier financial recruitment services in the following areas:

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Our recruitment efforts span across various accounting and finance roles, from entry-level accounting to senior financial management positions.

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We specialize in human resources recruitment and staffing, with expertise in filling a wide range of roles from generalists to senior management.

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Our recruitment expertise spans across a broad range of positions, from sales managers to top-level executives at the VP level.

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Office / Admin

Our office and administrative recruitment services cover a wide spectrum of positions, ranging from marketing and sales to customer service. 

Office environment of finance recruiter in Seattle with people working at desks

sales / marketing

Our recruiting services cover a full spectrum of positions, from account managers to senior executives, to ensure that we can help you find the talent you need at every level of your organization.