What is Glassdoor?  

Glassdoor.com is an innovative online job and recruiting marketplace that allows employers to post jobs, receive feedback from current and former employees, research salaries and other information. Unlike traditional social media platforms, it focuses on the essential relationship between employers and their employees or future candidates. It’s a unique platform that provides vital data for modern businesses looking to hire the best talent. 

This platform offers employers invaluable insight into their employees’ satisfaction and the perks they offer. It also provides them with an extensive overview of the competitive salary and job market, as well as online reputation management capabilities to highlight their company, give useful information to potential applicants, or reply directly to reviews from current/former team members. 

How Employers Can Use Glassdoor for ORM

As an employer, it is important to consider how managing an online presence on Glassdoor affects recruitment efforts and company reputation. Online reputation management (ORM) on Glassdoor can help employers increase their visibility and attract the best talent. 

  • HAVE A PROFILE – Employers should take advantage of the employer profile feature on Glassdoor. A profile allows employers to display information about the company, such as its mission statement, culture, benefits package and career opportunities. This can help attract more suitable job seekers and create a positive perception of the company.
  • SHOWCASE CULTURE – Employers can use Glassdoor to showcase their company, demonstrate why they would be a great place to work and respond to reviews left by current or former employees.
  • BE RESPONSIVE – Employers should also take time to respond to reviews left by current or former employees on Glassdoor, as this will show that they are taking feedback seriously and actively trying to improve their workplace culture. Responding to reviews can also help employers manage their online reputation and demonstrate that they are listening to their employees. 

Get a bad review on Glassdoor? 

Bad reviews can be damaging to an employer’s reputation, so it is important for employers to handle them in a timely and professional manner. 

  • ACKNOWLEDGE & RESPOND QUICKLY – Employers should acknowledge the review by responding promptly. Even if the review is incorrect, it is important to take the time to respond. This shows that the employer is listening to their employees and takes feedback seriously.
  • OFFER AN APOLOGY – If the review is accurate, employers should apologize for any negative experiences or issues that the employee may have encountered. Apologizing shows that they are willing to take responsibility and actively trying to improve their workplace culture.
  • REACH OUT PRIVATELY – Employers should reach out to the employee privately to address any issues or concerns. This will help improve the relationship between employer and employee and show that they are taking feedback seriously.
  • MAKE CHANGES – If possible, employers should take steps to make changes based on the feedback provided in the review. This shows that they are actively trying to improve their organization and create a better workplace culture. 

By taking these steps, employers can use Glassdoor as a powerful tool to manage their online reputation, attract the best talent and demonstrate why they are an excellent place to work. 


Overall, Glassdoor can be a powerful tool for employers to gain insights into their company’s culture and improve recruitment efforts. With the right approach, employers can use Glassdoor to create a positive impression of the organization and attract top talent. 


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