Second choice candidates could be the next first choice.  

Don’t dismiss a candidate just because they are not your top choice for the role they initially applied for. You may be passing-up on a great employee and team member who may be a fit for an additiona position!

Take the time to interview all the candidates that meet at least 75% of the requirements and compare them based on their qualifications to build your candidate network. You may be surprised at what you find! 

WHEN INTERVIEWING – Now and Then Roles 

When interviewing candidates, it’s important to look not just for their qualifications for the current role, but for their character, skills, and fit for roles in the future. By doing so, you can build a strong candidate network that will help you find the best possible employees for your organization.

In this hiring market where talent is scarce, your first-choice candidate may select a different company to work for. Having a diverse candidate network helps prevent going back to the drawing board and starting the recruiting process all over.


It’s important to build rapport and establish a relationship with top candidates, regardless of whether they are a fit for the current role. By understanding their career goals, skills, and strengths, as well as their workstyle, you can better assess whether they would be a good fit for any role in the future.

  • Building rapport is establishing a connection with another person. It can be done by being welcoming, friendly, and interested in the person. It’s also important to be authentic and genuine in your interactions. Maintaining open communication with candidates also keeps them informed of any opportunities that may become available.
  • Understand their career goals and aspirations. By understanding their goals, you can get a better sense of their character and skills, what motivates and drives them.
  • Get to know their workstyle. By understanding how they work, you can better assess whether they would be a good fit within the organization and team, outside of a specific role.
  • Build a check-in rhythm and stay in open communications. Even when you don’t have an immediate role available show interest in the candidates that could be of interest – a unicorn waiting in the wings perhaps?!

By building rapport, you create a trusting relationship that can lead to a successful hire. In the business world, trust is essential for negotiations, sales, and more.


One the best ways to find the perfect employee is to network intentionally. This means that you need to connect with the right candidates, not just anyone who is available. You should focus on building relationships with qualified candidates, and then you can consider them for future opportunities.

  • It’s not about how many people you know or where you post your jobs. It’s about connecting with the right candidates. By focusing on quality over quantity, you’ll be able to build relationships with top talent that will benefit your business in the long run.
  • You can start connecting with qualified candidates through social media, job boards, and other online platforms. You can also attend industry events and meet-ups to connect with potential employees in person. Best option – Work with people who source talent daily!
  • Consider working with a specialized recruiting agency to tap into their network of candidates already vetted. Recruiting agencies (like us!) can provide access to insider insights and expertise, skilled in knowing what hiring managers are looking for and can provide valuable information on salary, benefits packages, and can be quite specialized in finding passive candidates. 

Network intentionally to connect with qualified candidates for future opportunities. Focusing on quality over quantity will help you build relationships with top talent that will benefit your business in the long run.  


When you’re focused on finding the perfect candidate for a specific role, it’s easy to forget that they may be a great fit for other roles in your organization.

Building rapport with candidates is essential for a successful hire. By understanding their goals, workstyle, and skills, you can better assess whether they would be a good fit for any role in the future. Focus on networking with qualified candidates to connect with potential employees in person. Working with a specialized recruiting agency (like us!) can help you tap into their network of candidates already vetted.