You might be an office staff member and have heard something about a general manager. You may also be a sports fan and hear “general manager” on the news. 

In sports, general managers control most of the decisions involving players. They are building the best team possible. They must draft contracts for players and draft players for the team. They can also be media spokespeople. They deliver news about the team’s status, injuries, money, etc. 

The role of a general manager in administration work is not that different.  As of 2021, the United States had approximately 1,070,553 general managers. In this article, we will dive into being a general manager. 

What is a General Manager

General managers (GMs) are essential to keeping a business alive. They schedule workers’ shifts. They onboard new administration staff. They create efficient workflows. They handle problems on the spot. 

General managers should understand many types of administration jobs and roles. They need this to know employees’ strengths and weaknesses. Then, they should oversee the team’s improvement in working. 

In small companies, GMs also do the jobs of CEOs, CFOs, etc. But GMs are above regular office staff. They report to higher-level executives.  

What is the Annual Salary of a General Manager? 

As of April 2024, companies, on average, value general managers at $166,250 per year. Salaries range from $30,764 to $301,736. Salaries may vary by state and field. For example, hotels, food, and clothing. They also depend on skills, qualifications, and experience. 

The average annual income for Seattle general managers is close to $200,000. This is higher compared to most office jobs Seattle. As we know, Seattle became a top place to look for jobs due to its technology. So, the pay is fair. 

What are the Roles of a General Manager? 

We have touched on some general managers’ roles in their day-to-day operations. Like other office jobs, they should do it well, and this is even more so with extra leadership duties. These make them stand out from regular office staff. Here are the roles of a general manager, discussed in detail. 

  • Making money and keeping costs down. General managers should bring in the most revenue possible. They do this with the help of administration staff. They also cut expenses with various strategies. GMs should also be good at budgeting. They divide revenue for various expenses, such as worker salaries and equipment. 
  • Strategic Planning. GMs are on top of their day-to-day activities. They should know what entices customers to buy their products. They should use this to lead the team. They will plan a specific marketing or advertising strategy for their business. This will help them promote their products better or consider new products to sell. 
  • Hiring and onboarding new office staff. Everyone starts from scratch, even GMs. They must be able to create strategies for recruiting potential candidates. Once hired, they can assign an experienced team member to train these new hires. Or, they can assign themselves to do it. They will inform the new hires of the company’s current workflow. They can also teach them the business’s rules. This will keep them from legal trouble. 
  • Check administration staff with KPIs. KPIs measure worker milestones and show progress towards their goals. GMs are usually the ones who know their staff well. They must be able to pinpoint their strengths and areas for improvement. 
  • Crisis Management. It is no secret that businesses often experience problems. Problems are about customer service, equipment issues, money, and such. Prepared GMs have plans ready to counter them. They can also adapt and resolve crises or expected problems on the spot. 
  • Policymaking and implementing appropriate protocols. GMs should find areas to improve workflows. They should also find risks that could harm the business. We can establish appropriate policies and protocols in these areas. Examples are handwashing policies and protocols for rude customers. 
  • Reporting and communication. GMs should be able to report to higher-level executives on the business status. They should also talk to the staff about concerns and negotiate contracts.

How to be a General Manager?

To be a general manager, you should have the following: 

  • You should have a college degree. It should be in business or in the industry you’re aiming for.
  • Relevant certifications and advanced degrees
  • Exceptional track record in the industry
  • Outstanding leadership 

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