Maybe your company is experiencing growth and you need to expand your team. Perhaps a trusted member of your accounting crew has moved on to another opportunity. Whatever the reason for the job opening, you need to add someone to round out your accounting staff. While hiring can be an exciting opportunity for both employer and potential candidates alike, it can also bring stress and take time away from day-to-day duties. This is where accounting recruiters enter the picture to assist you with all of your accountant staffing needs. There are many reasons that relying on the expertise of a professional accounting recruitment agency can ultimately save dollars and make sense.

Why Using an Accounting Staffing Agency Adds Up

We Know What to Look For: With your company, you have carved out a niche and are an expert in your field. In that same way, accounting recruiters are experts as well. Most employers don’t spend their days reading resumes—indeed it is a task many of them actively avoid until they have to. We understand. However, reading resumes, identifying talent and matching employers with exciting qualified candidates is the niche and area of expertise of accounting recruiters. We enjoy making connections and helping you find the right person to grow your staff.

We Can Help Navigate the Hidden Market: According to a Google estimate, as much as 80% of all job openings are not posted publicly and instead exist only in the “hidden market.” Accounting positions tend to require a high degree of confidentiality and trust, which can add challenges to the hiring process. Accounting recruiters can draw from their existing pool of prospective employees and act as a bridge between company and candidate to streamline the process and navigate confidentiality concerns.

Accounting Recruiting Firms Save Time and Money: In many areas of life, taking a leap of faith is an exhilarating prospect. But with hiring, careful consideration and caution are of utmost importance. Many people tend to think of hiring as a fairly straightforward process, when, in reality, it comes with real, identifiable costs. Every part of accountant staffing, from sifting through resumes to identifying worthy candidates to preparing for interviews to making an offer to negotiating the terms of the position requires an investment in time, skill and money. And in a worst-case scenario, if a new employee isn’t the right fit, the process begins again, requiring an even greater investment. When you partner with an accounting recruiter, we streamline the steps, free up your time, and increase your odds of success.

Find out how investing in an accounting staffing agency can pay off for you. Contact our professional accounting recruiters today!