Now that we’ve looked back and seen the growing recruitment trends, it’s time to look forward and set recruiting goals for your company or team to succeed in 2023.  


A carefully outlined recruiting plan is essential to ensure that your company or team has the resources necessary to meet its goals in 2023. A well-structured recruitment plan should include an assessment of current and future hiring needs, an analysis of the job market, a strategy for sourcing qualified candidates, and a comprehensive tech and tools process. Additionally, your recruiting plan should consider the cost of hiring, the time and resources needed for recruiting, and potential risks to your organization. 

By having a well-thought-out recruitment plan in place, you will be better equipped to identify and recruit qualified talent that is both relevant to your organization’s mission and prepared to contribute to its success.  Need to inspire and guide your recruiting team?  


  • Develop Diverse Talent Create and develop a recruiting team that can support diverse clients. Having a diverse recruiting team will enable you to source candidates from a wider range of backgrounds and experiences. Diverse recruiter skills include knowledge of different cultures and communities, understanding of various industries, and comfort working with different technologies. 
  • Know Your Market – Pay attention to recruitment and career trends, understand the type of candidates in your pool and your company’s needs. This includes knowing more about where and how your candidates use social media for job search activities and having a carefully thought-out marketing plan. BONUS – focus on one primary social media platform.  
  • Know Your Data – Have a data-driven recruitment process, and integrate technology to support the processes and output. You can’t know what is working if there are no metrics to measure. It doesn’t have to be a massively detailed report, but knowing the key data points of what you should be tracking will help improve performance.   
  • Be Effective with Time – Leverage automation tools to be efficient, create and implement processes that help make the easy stuff invisible. Integrate tools and technology with these processes to save you, your candidates, and your clients time so the focus can be on pairing the best job and employee matches.   
  • Grow Your Talent Pool – Build meaningful connections and relationship skills. Don’t recruit – market your reputation and client opportunities. You can grow your talent network by utilizing LinkedIn, leveraging referrals, attending industry events, and partnering with recruitment agencies. (Like us!)


Creating a successful recruitment plan and resolve for better habits and performance for 2023 and beyond requires thoughtful planning, understanding the job market, integrating technology and automation tools, and intentional relationship building with candidates. By having a comprehensive recruitment plan in place that is tailored to your company or team’s specific needs, you will be better equipped to quickly source qualified talent and give your organization the best chance to succeed.   

Keep us posted on your progress, or connect with us to help you plan and implement your recruiting initiatives!