In an ideal world, hiring employees for your company would be a seamless process. You would be given advance notice by outgoing staff, and there would be plenty of time to search for and vet a new hire. But what if a trusted member of your team has a family emergency, becomes sick, or needs to take a temporary leave of absence? Among the many benefits of using a staffing agency is that we deliver qualified candidates quickly. By giving employers the flexibility to be able to readily hire someone to step in and step up, these common workplace issues become less of a headache, and more of an item to cross off your to-do list. But filling sudden and unanticipated vacancies is just one of the benefits of using a staffing agency.

Benefits of staffing agencies 

Recruiters Follow the Trends: Whether dealing with direct hire, project, contract or contract-to-hire placements, our industry market knowledge for recruiting in fields such as construction, real estate, accounting and administration gives us an edge. Companies use recruiters in part because would-be employers also gain inside access to the recruiter’s knowledge of a variety of candidates both active and passive. Salary ranges and local market trends also factor into our carefully considered referrals, making streamlined service one of the added benefits of using a staffing agency.

Staffing Agencies Have More Access to More Candidates: Job boards and internal postings have their place when it comes to finding employees to work with your company, but another one of the advantages of recruitment agencies is that we keep a pool of experienced candidates on hand who you likely will not have encountered during a typical job search. By the time the staffing agency puts you in touch to partner with them, they will have already undergone a stringent recruitment process. Consequently, your company will have a more specific understanding of what the candidate wants and expects from the position, which is another of the benefits of using a staffing agency.

Increased Flexibility: It has already been established that faster hiring processes, finding high-quality candidates, and specialist knowledge are valid advantages of recruitment agencies, but another factor to consider when using a recruiter is increased flexibility. Whether your company is looking for an employee to cover someone’s maternity leave, trying to find a seasonal project manager, bringing a part-time staffer onto the payroll, or securing a long-term hire, the benefits of using a staffing agency covers all these bases. We team up with skilled workers and professionals who are ready and willing to adapt to the role at hand, and are confident companies who use recruiters will then have the upper hand.

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