Hiring would be a seamless process in a perfect world, but there is no one size fits all approach to recruiting. Recruitment is a process that is continuously evolving, and choosing the right recruitment partner is essential. A boutique search firm that specializes in your industry may be the best choice for your business needs.


Here at Seattle Financial Staffing, we build bridges with our reputable business connections in the finance industry. Seattle Financial Staffing specializes in providing accounting and finance talents on a contractual, project, or direct-hire basis. Here is a slight glance at the perks that come with using a boutique search firm like us for your hiring needs.



We build on relationships.

Our boutique recruiting firm ensures every relationship is well taken care of. Our relationships are the foundation of everything we do, paving the path for solid and productive connections. Our unique approach aligns candidate needs with client needs so that we can find solutions together. Whether you are a small-sized business or a large corporate team, know that you are in good hands with Seattle Financial Staffing. 


Our expertise leads to successful hires.

Boutique search firms most likely specialize in a business niche, and Seattle Financial Staffing’s niche is finance! Our small but mighty staff is dedicated in their field. We stay on top of trends in the finance industry and the recruiting industry, constantly evolving our techniques and technology. We know that successful hires are more than just numbers and algorithms. We ensure the delivery of the best talent for the job, so your new hire can be your biggest asset. 


We provide unique and quality service.

We find the time to get to know every client and candidate. We study the client company mission, vision, and culture to deliver what is asked of us. 

As we strive for excellence, we always make sure that our process is tailor-fitted to our client’s styles and needs. When working with a boutique recruiting firm like Seattle Financial Staffing, you are assured that you will have open communication every step of the way. 


You will be in dedicated hands when you decide to work with a boutique recruiting firm like Seattle Financial Staffing. We don’t just deliver talent to your business; we collaborate with our partners to successfully find the ideal match. Contact us to learn more.