Recruiting for Diversity

Over time, some recruiting teams become complacent and tend to hire candidates from the same pool. This means that candidates who are hired tend to have similar ideas, skillsets, and behaviors. This can have the benefit of recruiting cohesive teams in the workplace, however diverse teams can develop remarkable strength as they learn to [...]


Accounting Interview Questions and Answers

Resume, check. Research on the company’s profile, check. Outfit, check. Anything else? Preparing for an accounting interview entails a lot of details. Most of the time, we leave the interview questions to faith and trust our guts that we can answer well. But did you know that on average, a job interview lasts 45 [...]


Workplace Wellness

The overall welfare of employees is a vital factor in shaping an organization’s long-term productivity and effectiveness. Several studies show a direct relationship between efficiency and employee wellbeing. Companies are recognizing the need for employee wellness programs and are shifting the way they operate to ensure employees are engaged and happy.    Prioritizing Employee [...]


Advance Your Career in 3 steps!

Ready to take your career to the next level? Being the architect of your career path can be exciting, but is quite challenging. If you belong in a fast-paced and highly competitive industry, it can be easily intimidating. However, if your work becomes monotonous, things can get stagnant and you risk becoming complacent.   If [...]


Hiring Mistakes to Watch Out For

Wondering why companies are losing candidates even after an offer was accepted? Salaries are continuously increasing and candidates are weighing multiple offers, this is happening despite the pandemic, which deeply impacted the workforce. Candidates have always led the recruiting scene and that is not expected to change anytime soon. Hiring could become even more [...]


Curating an Exceptional Organizational Culture

Andrew Carnegie was a Scottish American businessman and philanthropist. He led the expansion of the steel industry in the United States and became one of the richest men in the world. During the last 18 years of his life (which ended in 1919), he gave away the 2022 equivalent of roughly $10 billion to [...]


Onboarding Processes: How to Onboard a New Employee

In an article posted in Harvard Business Review, it was said that to retain new hires, companies must spend more time and resources on employee onboarding. Consequently, it explained that if a company wants to retain the talent they spend good money to acquire, they must make sure a new hire’s first year is meaningful and productive. Organizations with standardized onboarding processes experience 62% greater new hire productivity, along with [...]


Social Media and Job Hunting: How to Advance Your Job Search

Every day there are more reasons to think twice about our presence on social media, and recent outages at Facebook and Instagram also send a cautious reminder to small businesses about the dangers of relying solely on social media for customer outreach and engagement. As a Recruiter- I don’t even want to think about [...]


Why You Should Hire A Boutique Recruiting Firm

Hiring would be a seamless process in a perfect world, but there is no one size fits all approach to recruiting. Recruitment is a process that is continuously evolving, and choosing the right recruitment partner is essential. A boutique search firm that specializes in your industry may be the best choice for your business [...]

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