One of the best measures of success of an organization is growth. This can mean growth in revenue, clientele, and more importantly, employee headcount. As the business grows, naturally the need to hire occurs.  


Hiring and recruitment is one tricky part that poses challenges for many.  Whether your firm has an HR Department or you rely on your team members to help engage, interview, and retain talent, it is difficult in this market.  

For example, a trend in today’s workforce is the desire for work-life balance. Many job seekers will not compromise on this. Think if this is something your company values and/or can make a priority?  If not, focus on other things to attract the right talent like competitive salaries, benefit packages, flexible time off, work conditions, and work-from-home options. 


To attract and retain talent, a clear and streamlined onboarding process should be implemented.  Many new hires rate their onboarding process and see it as a key indicator of how the company operates. Having a clunky, non-organized, or too lengthy process could create a negative impression. 

Also, it is good to focus on relevant training covering processes, applications, programs, software, etc. That the new employee will need to be successful. This will allow candidates to be more confident in their ability to perform in their new role.  


Once positions are filled with the right candidates, the next step is to focus on retention. The organization’s culture is reflected in the number of employees that stay, keeping the attrition rate at the minimum level. This will result in having a more hardworking and motivated workforce, as well as having a more positive and attractive reputation as an organization. 


Seattle Financial is a boutique recruiting firm that can help you with your accounting staffing needs. Reach out to our team of experts for some guidance on how you can find the right candidates.