Seattle is one of the most famous cities in the United States. The Emerald City is in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. Lake Washington flanks it in the east and Puget Sound in the west.

Seattle is a great place to live in. Its moniker comes from the lush evergreens that fill the city. The city is also known for its food culture and amazing art scene. Seattle is the birthplace of grunge music and Starbucks after all.

The city also has a dynamic job market. It’s also known for having one of the highest base wages in the country. The local government requires employers to pay workers around $19.97 an hour. There are also thousands of jobs in Seattle.  Many of them come with high salaries.

What is the highest paying job in the state? It depends on a variety of factors, like demand and education. Here are the 4 top paying ones.

Software Engineer or Developer

Seattle is the tech hub of the Pacific Northwest. There’s a robust demand for software engineers and developers. These individuals design and build software systems. They also maintain these systems and ensure that they run well.

There’s always a job waiting for software engineers. It’s because industry giants like Microsoft and startups need such talented individuals. They’re the driving force behind today’s technological innovations.

The demand also means skilled software engineers are well-compensated. They can earn anywhere from $137,000 to $197,000 a year. Companies even throw in stock options and other benefits.

Physician and Surgeon

Healthcare is one of the pillars of Seattle’s economy. The city is home to premier medical institutions. The University of Washington Medical Center is one such institution. The city is also home to the Virginia Mason Medical Center. It’s no surprise that physicians and surgeons have the highest-paid Seattle jobs.

There’s a big demand for health professionals in Seattle. Especially specializing in fields like cardiology, neurosurgery, and orthopedics. These jobs demand extensive education and training. It’s why these roles merit a large compensation package. Physicians can take home around $252,820 a year. Surgeons earn an average annual salary of $231,000.

Data Scientist

It’s the era of big data so data scientists have a key role. These experts have become vital in various sectors, like finance and healthcare. The city’s thriving tech ecosystem has created a large demand for data scientists.

These professionals use technology to get insights from vast amounts of collected data. Companies use the extracted data in strategic decision-making. Data scientists are good in programming languages and statistics. They have advanced statistical analysis and computer programming skills. These scientists more than earn their annual pay of $108,659.

Product Manager

Product managers play a critical role in many companies. They guide the development and launch of products and services. PMs make sure the company meets consumer needs. They’re the key to delivering results and driving business growth.

Project managers are essential in many industries. They can work in education, healthcare, and in the aerospace industry. They’re also a hot item for many tech companies headquartered in Seattle.

PMs are in high demand because of their ability to oversee the lifecycle of digital products. They bridge the divide between design, engineering, and corporate stakeholders. The best project managers ensure that projects finish on time and within the budget. This skill earns them an average base salary of $88,410 a year. Their compensation packages often reflect their impact on the business.

Seattle is a great place to launch your career. The state has one of the highest wages in the country. It’s also home to big tech companies and medical institutions. There’s a big demand for healthcare, technology, and data science workers. These professions offer great compensation and fulfilling careers.

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